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Inläggav fredblomson » 2013-06-18 09.46

(Socialdirectdemocracy is the rational alternative)
We live in a dominant capitalistic society and the alternative is not sociocapitalistic dictatorship of Chinese model! At last the law must replace the currency, this is the rational socialdirectdemocratic goal! The more often returning global crises and conferences speak for that!
Deny person election! The sooner the better give up the representative system and let THE CITIZENS LAW to govern and to establish legal global economic equality!
Every citizen is a party and a leader. Everything belongs equal to all because we have equal natural needs! The direct democratic laws unite the citizens. Political parties and leaders split the citizens, lead to an economic pyramidal society and result in eternal returning crises and war!
The common sense says that a capitalistic society governs best by a capitalistic government. The old fashion socialistic parties wish to govern the capitalistic society is short-lived and very rear possible!
Honored socialdirectdemocrats wake up! The only who have happiness from the eternal socialistic opposition are the professional politicians of the opposition! They keep their jobs and their fat salaries and they are not interesting on any sacrifice and effective rational radical evolutional solution! They are for the most selfish and traitors against direct democracy, look at the newly prisoned Greek ministers!

Fred Blomson 1937 in Athens, practical philosopher!,
This article soon in in GREEK, SWEDISH AND GERMAN
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