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Systems for political discussions

Inläggav jonas » 2012-04-06 14.37 is being developed as a new project for social interaction for positive change. They list a copuple of similar projects:

SocialSwarm ( and ) - Aims to foster collaboration/interoperation between decentralized social networking projects

Lorea ( )

Tribler? ( )

Pangaia ( - Web 3d, voting model with multi-level federation

Retroshare? ( ) - a F2F software.

Forest ( - Platform which provides a secure communication channel over a reusable F2F network of users to third party applications.

Magna? ( )

Scope2? ( )

Diaspora ( )

Project Tyler? ( )

Peerson? ( )

Federated General Assembly ( ) ( )

Friendica ( )

PSYC ( ) & SecureShare ( )

FreedomBox ( )

Kune ( )
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