Important! TOP-politics

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Expandera Trådhistorik: Important! TOP-politics

Re: Important! TOP-politics

Inlägg av MrPerfect72 » 2009-07-29 11.32

How is it going with "The certification process", Magnus?

Re: Important! TOP-politics

Inlägg av MrPerfect72 » 2009-07-29 11.20

How is it going with "The certification process", Magnus?

Re: Important! TOP-politics

Inlägg av jonas » 2009-07-29 09.15

The wiki is down. But there seems to be some activity at a google group

Re: Important! TOP-politics

Inlägg av MrPerfect72 » 2009-07-29 04.36

How is it going?

Inlägg av Magnus Gustavsson » 2006-08-17 14.46

I also think that AD should be certified as first swedish organization!
The certification process is up to discussion at top-politics!

Inlägg av MrPerfect72 » 2006-08-17 13.51

Who does the certification?
Should there be a discussion and a vote in top-politics-forum if we are ceritfied and then have it in our banner?
is proud to be
certified by TOP-politics

Important! TOP-politics

Inlägg av Magnus Gustavsson » 2006-08-02 00.50

This initiative is becoming more and more important for those interested in TOP, Transparent Open Public politics.
A new Wiki is added:

From the defintion of TOP:
1. Transparent Open Public Action
The categories of transparent, open and public action are interconnected i.e. it's not an exclusive classification. Still, they supplement each other since none of them embraces the whole field needed by this idea.

1.1. Transparent Action
Transparent action is action which is transparent to its participants, i.e. intelligible, clear and understandable.
If a person, organization or option wants to act transparent it has to ensure full transparency of its action. This includes publishing, explaining and documenting appropriate documents of its vision, mission and goal statements of action including plans and strategies on how to accomplish them. This documents also include discussion templates, results, conclusions etc. The main goal of transparent action is a elaborated, total and integral decision making process? transparent and available to the public.
A person, organization or option should have a public forum where the public can comment the persons, organizations or options action. This forum must have a fully non censored public part which is continuously and in a line on-line available. Information on this forum should be public according to the definition in this document and allways available for later references.

1.2. Open Action
Open action is such action on which the public has influence i.e. action which can be changed by the public under the condition that the result of such a change is open again. Open action gives every person, option or organization the opportunity of process involvement. If some person, option or organization wants to act open, it has to insure continuous contact and discussion with the public. This is in accordance with the concept of a forum where the public has the opportunity to discus and where every single individual is involved through a clearly distinguishable criteria. Every document created through transparent and public action is thus openstanding. Every person, option or organization should take every meaningful critique, suggestion, comment and idea of the public, discus it and, if they find it usefull, include it an the appropriate document.

1.3 Public Action
Public action is such action which is available to the public, allways and at will and which is oriented to the public. If a person, option or organization wants to act public it has to insure continuous public availability of information about their action.
Public available information is information which is publicly available in a clearly articulated form. This information should be available to everyone interested in it over the Internet. This information can be available through other mediae but the Internet is obligatory.
Any official action should be documented in the appropriate document.

2. Conclusion
A person, option or organization is TOP and can thus become a certificate? if its action is transparent, open and public according to this document and has an elaborated integral decision making process?.

3. References
TiAktiv: Osnovna definicija v.0.09, on-line ... &Itemid=51
This is only a part of the general definition of TOP. The whole definition will hopefully be on-line soon. This document is openstanding which means it's allways open for discussion.

See also:

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