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Expandera Trådhistorik: Infoliberalism

Re: Infoliberalism

Inlägg av Sylvain Poirier » 2011-02-25 14.40

Hello. I'm the author of these pages.
So this is a set of political and other practical (logical) concepts to be implemented as free software components for web servers, that would solve many problems, from online identities (avoiding the necessity to have many accounts) and communication (forums to replace email) to online trust forming new decentralized political structures, and online money.
This would simplify a lot the problem of how to give power to the people, as much of this new political structure would work in parallel, by the mere force of its own logic (its information on trust) with no need of any official recognition by governments.
All it needs is to develop the software, and thus would immediately be effective worldwide, not depending any work of forming a political party (even if it may be useful later to complete the change).
While I could usually convince almost anyone who made the effort to understand and debate it, I still did not find anyone to work on it (to bother spreading the news or searching for programmers).
Waiting for your feedback
(You can also write me by email: trustforum at gmail). Thanks.


Inlägg av robwe » 2010-11-29 22.27